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Except for very close straight friends, I do not shoot traditional weddings (just too crazy); but I am happy to capture same-sex events:  weddings - including the honeymoom - births, adoptions, etc. I love to make beautiful art from any of our milestones.  


Lately, I've been experimenting with something I call REINCARNATIONS, a variation which may have extra significance for the community.


Up to now, I've always worked from my own photos.  But lately I've explored the possibilities in using other people's photgraphs, ir requested.  That's a little tricky, ethically, because the original photographer may hold the rights to an image; and he or she may not be happy to have it 'improved.' But, for example, a straight playwright friend had a snapshot she liked of herself and asked me to make it better. The result surprised us both. 


This was taken by the her boyfriend (who gave permission) . It started as a small snapshot scanned in its original size  from an old point-and-shoot camera. Technically, not a very useful image. But she liked the expression and wondered if I could possibly make it into a portrait  large enough to fill the wall behind an over-size sofa in her huge livingroom? 


Now here was a real challenge.


The final version, below,  is printed at 60-inches wide...and makes a statement....














Bottom line here is that I can achieve amazing differences in images that don't come from my own camera...and have decided to make that an available service for the general public. But I have no desire to turn into a Photo Restorer or waste time immortalizing of the trival, commomplace, already-been done.  But, if you have ownership of a an especially personal image that might benefit from my technique for Reincarnation, I will be honored to work on it. And charge as little as I can for my time.  As with all commissioned work, no image will be released without your full permission.


We're all in this together.  


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