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Guidelines for Submitting Photos

Keep in mind that this is not about Photo Restoration. The simplification that is part of the painting step does make most photographs look considerably better, just as part of the process; but I need the best quallity I can have to work with. We're out to create a unique piece of art, not just spiff up a bad photograph.


Submit only .JPG, TIFF, PDF, if possible. (PDF is usually best.) If the image currently exists only as a hard copy, have it scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi (600 is better). If the resulting file is too large to e-mail,  we'll work it out to have have you send on a disc via regular mail, but never trust your only original through snail mail!  Anywhere. Ever.


Size is less important than quality. I have good enlarging capability; however, a postage stamp size original will likely not contain enough useful pixels for a good result for a very large print. Color is best. B/W or "toned" images will probably be fine.


Once I get the image, we need to discuss both our expectations for the final result. I may have questions about the mood and  spirit of the subject, we'll talk about the size, etc., and settle on a price (more than $500 and usually less than $1,000.00.) The consultation is free and puts you under no obligation.  If you decide to go ahead, we'll set up a schedule and Promise Date; you will then send me half the agreed fee. There will be at least one on-line approval before completion. Most of the time the Piquid is in the client's hands before the Promise Date.