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JOHN is a full-time writer, actor, director, photographer, visual artist who lives and works in and around the Theatre District/Hell's Kitchen (midtown Manhattan) while he figures out what we wants to be when he grows up.


He lists his greatest strength and weakness as "having no ego and a very tiny attention span."


He considers his greatest accomplishment as having been around the globe nine full times as a theatre person. And, if pressed, he swears his only regret in life is not having become a paid male escort when the offer was made.

OUT-ART is apparently the logical progression for a gay photographer/artist who, after a decade of cranking out photo reality for clients (actor headshots to photo-journalism of many kinds) woke up one morning saying, "This is boring - so now what?"


The result turned out to be a new and still-evolving technique for melting pixels and then reapplying them in a way that mimicks the qualities of traditional paint - a process he calls "Piquid - the Art of Liquid Pixels." There's a whole separate web site devoted to it:


The downside is that it's also very slow to achieve, so he decided to devote as much time as I can creating beautiful gay-male-affirming imagery. The world can use more of that. The Religuous Right goes down on its knees for Michangelo's Muscle Daddys. His models tend to be more Height-Weight-Proportionate.  And he's fond of pointing out that he and his partner have been together now longer than his parents were married.


Men together - from holding hands on the street to making love in private - is the most natural thing in the world.


That's entirely what Our-Art is about.








People look at photographs. But they Study Art.